Who Should I Bring to My Dress Appointment?

Who should I bring to my wedding dress shopping appointment?

It can be difficult to pick who to bring with you to your wedding dress shopping appointment; the urge to invite every single one of your best friends, sisters, relatives, and maybe even your favorite High School teacher is so real. But before you send out the group text to all 800 of your closest #BFFs, put down the phone! Here is our guide for who to bring to your bridal appointment for the best shopping experience ever.


The Cheerleader

This person is your biggest fan and brings all of the positive vibes to your appointment! They are the CEO of fun, and they won’t let you forget it. The Cheerleader will tell you that you look beautiful in everything, because it’s true, you do. They don’t overthink and support the choices you make.


The Quiet Thinker

This person doesn’t need to say much; for better or worse, their thoughts and emotions are written on their face! They’re the perfect contrast to The Cheerleader, but their advice is well thought-out and takes a more analytical approach. They ask the questions you might forget during your appointment, and are always on top of keeping the Wedding Planning Binder up to date. Plus, they’re super supportive and want to help you bring your vision to life. They bring a kind of calm, comforting energy to the appointment and confidence to help you pick the perfect gown.


The Crier

You know them, you love them, and you’re going to make sure they come prepared with their own box of tissues and a touch-up makeup kit on the big day. This person will make your appointment extra memorable – especially when it comes time to say YES to the dress! It can sometimes be hard to make a decision between two amazing gowns that check all the boxes, so those few happy tears from an entourage member can be the tie breaker you didn’t know you needed.


The Expert

Every bride deserves to have a supportive team of experts at her appointment, which is why we recommend bringing someone that knows you like the back of their hand. This is usually someone that is like a sister to you – whether biological or chosen – and is the person you go to often for advice. They’re able to pick a gown and say, “This looks like you,” because they know you that well. They understand your vision for your wedding day and support you in any way they can…they may have even booked your appointment for you! They can often be a taskmaster, and you trust them with your life, especially on your big day.

With these traits in mind, building your dress shopping team will be easy, stress-free, and most importantly, fun!

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