Our Mission

Our mission has always been to lift people up and make them feel their best. But recently, a larger calling has come into our awareness that we can’t ignore – the need to give back in a bigger way.  The need to change the world and help the people who need it the most.  And we can’t think of anyone more worthy of being saved than the women and children being trafficked all over the world.

While we can’t save these victims ourselves, we can donate crucial funds necessary to allow the heroes of this battle to continue their rescue operations. That’s why, since 2022, we have been raising funds to support human trafficking. Now, $100 for every dress sold* is donated to saving those who can’t save themselves: children and women being trafficked.

By supporting Operation Underground Railroad, we are able to make a difference – to put a small dent in the 32 billion dollar-a-year sex trade industry.  To learn more about this incredible operation or to make a donation directly to them, visit their website.

*$100 donation is valid for full priced new gown orders only