With prom season right around the corner for most high schools, a lot of people have different opinions on the exciting night. Actress and singer Victoria Justice was quoted saying, “I think prom is just about enjoying yourself, and we think so too! One of the most asked questions of high school students their senior year right now is, what should my prom date wear? While most ladies have their dresses picked out weeks or months in advance, guys typically wait till the last minute. We at The Dress Shop and Tux Room have some advice for you!

To match or not to match? That is the question. The answer? Totally up to the couple! Since both sides want to look and feel their best, talk it out. For guys who are matching their date’s dress, traditionally they pick a black (sometimes grey or navy) suit or tux and then match the ties, vest or suspenders, and other accessories to the dress color. For less traditional coupling, we see the suits or tuxes matching then doing similar shades of color for the accessories, so they are different, but still look like they are together as a couple. A word of caution for dates choosing not to match, when going with opposite styles/colors a couple can end up looking like they are not together or clash. 

A way around the issue of matching or not matching is adding a major pop of color with the suit or tux. For some guys, their opinion on what they wear is whatever their date’s opinion in. However, for the guys who want to make as much of a statement as their date, could look at doing a non-traditional tux/suit. We have styles such a cobalt blue, white, and plaid. With that being said, however, accessories still end up looking best when they coordinate with their date’s attire.

Now, understanding not all guys go to prom with dates, it’s awesome because that means the options are limitless! With not having to worry about matching another person, there are a couple standard go to options. First, being a super classic black and white look, black suit or tux with white shirt and all black accessories. Second, choosing your suit and then having the accessories match the school colors. Third and finally, going all out to match the theme of the prom, make a statement by yourself!

At the end of the day, it is going to most important for you to remember to enjoy prom, it will be more about the fun memories you create and have last a lifetime than the color vest you or your date wore! As long as you act confident, you will look perfect.