If you’re starting the search for the wedding dress of your dreams, you’ve probably prepared lists and “look books,” itching to start trying some on ” this is one of the most exciting parts of the planning! Even if you’re in a time crunch, your shopping experience should be special and as stress-free as possible.

Bridal stylists at The Dress Shop offer some of their best advice for finding your dream wedding dress, no matter your timeframe or budget. Using these seven pieces of advice, you can focus your search on the most important thing: finding exactly what you want in dress to make you feel confident and beautiful.

Make a list of ˜must-haves’

In some ways, shopping for a wedding gown can be like shopping for a house: you need a list of must-haves. What is it that you’re looking for in your dream wedding dress? What details do you want to include? What does comfortable mean to you? If hitting the dance floor all night is a priority, keep that in mind and skip the trumpet-style dresses. Knowing these things helps your bridal stylist find dresses that fit your vision and check all the boxes on your list.

Analyze your budget

Before you start shopping, it is important to get a realistic look at what bridal gowns cost.  Different fabrics, lace, and the amount of beading on a dress will drastically change the price.  When you are searching styles you like, call bridal salons to get an idea of what price range you are falling into.  This will be extremely helpful so you are not experiencing sticker shock by finding out that beaded gown you loved online has over 200 hours of beading by hand factored into the cost.

Trust your bridal consultants

Finding a bridal salon and a stylist you can trust is paramount to the perfect bridal shopping experience.  Stylists at The Dress Shop believe in focusing on the wants and needs of each bride in order to create the perfect vision for a bride’s day, therefore helping her find her perfect dress in a comfortable, low-pressure atmosphere.

Create a look-book

Before going dress shopping, create a board of styles and attributes you love.  Even if the dresses featured on your board are not specifically the exact designers featured in the bridal salon, your stylist will be able to review your board and get a strong feel for the looks, styles, attributes, and designs you may be loving, and find similar styles for you.

Be open to different possibilities

Often, brides come into a store with a strong idea of exactly what they want to wear¦and leave with something completely different.  You’ve never tried on dresses before “ this is fun, unique, and also completely different than anything you have ever done before.  The Dress Shop recommends trying on at least one of each silhouette of dress before committing to a style, and being open to different fabrics, laces, and even undertones.  Your dream gown may be something you never could have imagined!

Show up in some simple glam

Don’t feel the need to go overboard, but showing up with some light makeup and a hairstyle similar to what you plan to wear on your wedding day helps you envision what you’ll truly look like in your dress. It’s hard to feel gorgeous in the dress if you slip in on with post-workout hair!

Don’t pick a gown to re-design

Falling in love with a dress that needs a few tweaks is fine ” a good seamstress can do small alterations, like adding straps or changing the hemline. But if you fall head-over-heels for a dress that needs major custom alterations, like reshaping the support structure of the gown, think twice; These kinds of changes can be extremely costly, challenging, and can ruin the entire gown if not done with precision.

Keep reading all of our tips and tricks as you continue searching for the wedding gown of your dreams, but remember that there’s often more to consider than you may think. Keep this advice in mind ” it could be the secret to finding a wedding day look that’s too perfect for words.

If you need more advice to get started, contact the bridal stylists at The Dress Shop to help you navigate your search. Ready to say yes to your perfect wedding venue? Connect with our team now at Crystal Gardens!