An Unforgettable Experience for Your Guests

Your Guide to Giving Wedding Guests An Unforgettable Experience

Your wedding day isn’t all about you. Well, maybe it is. But, what about your guests?

The people you choose to celebrate and surround yourself with on your big day are the people you love the most, and you want them to enjoy every second of the festivities.

Aside from picking the perfect venue to host your guests, there are other little details that can make all the difference when it comes to treating them to the best experience while they help you celebrate your big day.

Of course, there’s the food and the drinks.

What wedding guest doesn’t look forward to the delicious foods, drinks, and various treats? For some, this is the most important part! There are a few basic things you can do for the best wine and dine guest experience. Of course, it’s always nice to offer a vegetarian option for those who don’t eat meat. You may even consider other dietary restrictions, like vegan and gluten-free.

When it comes to the drinks, you can play it a few ways: have an open bar, or offer a few select cocktails. Some couples even offer unique signature drinks, usually with a clever name relating to the wedding and wedding theme.

If you want to get super creative, you can even have interactive food stations, like an ice cream sundae bar, a s’mores station, or a gourmet popcorn bar. Another yummy perk? Some sort of midnight snack after a long night of dancing and drinking, think pizza!

Make things easy when it comes to travel and accommodations

The easiest way to welcome guests and give them the best experience is to ensure that they are well taken care of when it comes to travel and accommodation arrangements. Of course, you will want to secure enough parking for all guests, ideally as close to the venue as possible. Those who are coming from out of town will need accommodation, so it is a good idea to book a block of rooms at a local hotel  (this usually gives guests a discounted price.) Crystal Gardens has six preferred vendor hotels all in close proximity to the venue.

Sometimes parking isn’t easily accessible, and not all guests will plan to stay overnight. Providing transportation so guests can get back to their cars and destinations safely is almost a necessity. Think of renting a small shuttle bus, or limousine service. (Bonus: Crystal Gardens has free parking!)

Add some fun stuff!

Sometimes the smallest details are what make these big events most memorable for guests: snapping a picture in the photo booth with goofy props, taking a selfie with the personalized Snapchat filter made just for the wedding, or playing a fun game to see how well they know the bride and groom. Want to catch up on the social media fun after your day is over? Ask guests to use a hashtag (Example: #GettingHitched, or #FutureMrsSmith) in their social posts so you can see all the pictures and videos they captured and tagged you in. Crystal Gardens offers complimentary wireless internet, which means your guests can post all night long.

Think of a unique wedding favor that is also useful

Don’t waste your money on silly wedding favors that will end up in the trash. Instead, think of something that is unique and meaningful, and that is actually useful. If your wedding is travel-themed, give each guest a luggage tag with a personalized card inside. Or, keep things broad and simple: give each guest a small picture frame so they can frame their favorite photo from your wedding day – a memory they will never forget.

Let guests play a role in your day

Remember: your guests are at your wedding to celebrate you, and they like being involved! Make them feel more involved by doing a few special things. Allow them to request songs from the DJ or band, ask them to share their favorite memories of the bride and groom, and even allow open-mic speeches – this makes things more fun, and makes guests feel like they are an important detail in your special day. You can even ask guests to take photos and videos and upload them to a folder after the wedding, so the moments they captured will be part of your saved memories.

So, maybe your wedding day is all about you. But, your guests are the people who are there to celebrate you and your marriage! A perfect wedding means happy guests who enjoyed every moment as much as you. Incorporating little details to make sure your guests have the best experience will make your wedding day one that nobody will ever forget, and even more special for you.

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