What to Expect When You’re Expecting…..Your Dress!

What should you expect when you’re expecting…your dress to come in? You’ll likely feel the nerves and excitement of seeing your dress again after saying yes at your appointment, but this dress is not the finished product! Before you pull it out of the bag expecting to fall in love all over again at home, only to be disappointed by a gown that doesn’t fit perfectly, here are our guidelines for what you should (and should NOT) do with your newly-arrived wedding dress. 

When your dress comes in, it will be in a black sunlight-proof, breathable garment bag. This will protect it from damage when you bring it home, so it’s important to ensure that the gown stays in it as much as possible. As soon as you bring it home, everyone will want to see it, touch it, and watch you try it on. As tempting as it is, doing this can put unnecessary wear and tear on the gown. It’s best to avoid this as much as you can, and leave your gown in a cool, dry closet away from strong odors or sunlight. Keeping it in a dry, cool dark closet as far away from commotion is your best bet.

Another important thing to note is that your gown will need alterations.  Ultimately, this is the most important dress you will ever wear, and we want it to fit you like a glove.  Therefore, it is common to need areas taken in, shoulders raised, hems changed, and other changes to ensure this is the most perfect gown you have ever worn.    

If you follow these tips, your gown will fit you perfectly and be in pristine condition for your big day!

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