It’s finally here “ the day you have been dreaming of forever: the day you find your dream dress. But are you prepared? What should you bring? What should you wear? Do you need shoes? Undergarments? Here is our list of must haves and do not needs for bridal dress shopping:


  • Special Bras: There is no need to worry about which bra to try on dresses with. A well made bridal gown will have built-in cups, boning and support, and you shouldn’t need any added support from a bra.


  • Shapewear: Some brides love the added support of shapewear, while others are comfortable with the shapewear built into most bridal gowns. Something to keep in mind, however, is that many bridal gowns have low backs or illusion fabric, which can make it difficult to conceal shapewear under.
  • Shoes: You will be trying on quite a few bridal gowns, and definitely won’t be putting shoes on with each dress. However, once you find the one, you may want to pop on a great pair of heels to complete the look.


  • Guests: For your special day, we recommend bringing one to three guests for your shopping experience. This is a big decision “ and can be a stressful experience with too many opinions and decision makers present. To make your day as magical and memorable as possible, try to limit your guest count to a manageable number.

At The Dress Shop, located in mid-Michigan, we want all brides to have an incredible bridal shopping experience, whether they choose to buy from us or somewhere else. We carry a full range of gowns featuring a large array of styles, silhouettes, trends, and price points, to ensure that every bride has the opportunity to fall in love. In addition, our talented bridal stylists are experts in bridal fashion, including finding the perfect pieces to complete the bridal look, from veils to jewelry to headpieces. Additionally, The Tux Room offers top quality designer tuxes and suits for purchases or rental to ensure the groom’s look is an exact complement to the bride’s. For more information about The Dress Shop, contact us at 517-546-3600 or visit