Your Child is Getting Married: What Should You Wear?

The day you have dreamed about has come, your son or daughter is getting married! In the flurry of activities – dress and tux shopping, shower planning, cake tasting, and what feels like an endless supply of happy tears, the mother-of-the-bride (or groom) dress can feel like more “added stress” in an endless checklist of wedding planning activities.

Mothers’ dress shopping can feel overwhelming. We speak with moms on a daily basis who are at a loss on how to approach shopping for their dress, and we have answers to your most common questions:

  • “How formal should my dress be?” The wedding and reception venue will dictate the most appropriate attire for a mother’s dress. An outdoor summer wedding may call for a shorter dress, while a formal evening event will dictate a long gown or dressy pantsuit.

  • “Do I need to match the bridesmaids?” The short answer to this is: No.  However, it is best to speak with the bride to ensure she has no preferences in mind.
  • “What color should I wear?” Keeping the bride’s color palette in mind, mothers are welcome to wear almost any color. Mothers should avoid ivory or white (to keep all attention on the bride) but can wear almost anything else. We recommend looking at the colors that your immediate family will be wearing, to ensure that your gown color coordinates well with photographs.
  • “Should the mothers coordinate colors?” Unless the bride specifies that she would like the mothers to coordinate colors, it is not customary for mothers to wear matching colors. Each mother should choose the color and style she feels her best in. If preferred, mothers can communicate their attire to one another to avoid any style mishaps.
  • “How soon should I shop for my dress?” While you may find the perfect dress and purchase it off-the-rack, more likely you will find a gown that needs to be special-ordered. In this case, your dress may take up to six months to arrive. Additionally, you will want to plan at least a month or two for alterations.
  • “Do I really need alterations on my dress?” Weddings are one of the most special celebrations, and as a mother, you will be one of the central focuses of the event. It is definitely worth ensuring your gown fits flawlessly so you look and feel your best on the big day.
  • “I don’t love my {fill in the blank}. What should I wear?” Our favorite thing about mothers’ formalwear right now is that it is so unique, versatile, and flattering. Start shopping early to really hone in on the styles and colors you look and feel your best in.

We know finding the perfect dress can be overwhelming. Follow these simple tips and you’ll have a great dress-shopping experience!

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