On your wedding day, everyone’s focus will be on celebrating the beautiful love shared between you and your partner. However, as the bride and groom it’s important for you to remember the friends and family who have traveled from near and far to be part of your new adventure into married life. In their own unique way, each of your guests has played a role in your life and your love story leading up to the big day.

Your wedding guests are there to celebrate this monumental moment in your life and relationship ” don’t forget to give them something thoughtful remember it by!

Make your guests feel appreciated by taking a little extra time during your wedding planning process to think of some top-notch (and affordable) wedding favors. Of course, the night will be one they won’t forget, but it’s a great idea to leave them with a token of your thanks.

Need some help deciding what to give?

Our event specialists at Crystal Gardens put together a list of wedding favors all guests love. Here are some of their favorites:

Favors that are delicious food and drinks…

Infused olive oils

You can buy the mini bottles online, and make your own oils with a sweet note attached.

Cocktail kits

There are so many different and fun ways you can make cocktail kits for your guests”think tiny bottles of wine, drink recipes, and ingredients…

Personalized sugar cookies

You can get pretty much any custom design you could ever imagine from local bakeries, or even shops on Etsy. Plus, who doesn’t love a good sugar cookie?

Treat bar

Treat Bars are the newest and coolest thing in the world of wedding favors. Many brides and grooms are opting to have a themed buffet that allows each guest to build their own custom party favor. Think a candy bar, or a popcorn bar, or even a buffet of trail mix favorites.

Other fun ideas: personalized seasonings or spices, coffee, mini bottles of maple syrup, honey, or jams/preserves.

Favors that are useful, everyday items…

Bottle opener bonus if it is a magnet!

Coasters and Koozies

We love these personalized drinking accessories, and they can be used during and after the reception!

Picture frames

Purchase small frames and use them as place settings, or include a personalized thank you message.

Canvas bags

These can be reused over and over again”useful for groceries!

Deck of cards

Everyone always needs an extra deck of cards laying around somewhere. Plus, you can personalize them!


There are many popular options herbs, succulents, and seed packets.

Other fun ideas: candles, soaps and/or lotions, coffee mugs, shot glasses, tumbler cups, wine stoppers.

Favors that can be used at the wedding¦

Flip flops for dancing

Most of your guests probably won’t arrive wearing their most comfortable dancing shoes. Have a variety of sizes of flip flops so people can kick off their shoes and spend the whole night on the dance floor.

Recovery Kits

Weddings wear your guests out ” especially if there are drinks involved!


If you’re having an outdoor summer wedding, consider something unique like colorful sunglasses”they can even be used as props if you have a photobooth!

Don’t let the madness of wedding planning let you forget the little details that will mean the most to your guests. Be grateful for the  wonderful people surrounding you to help celebrate your love, and give them a nice thank-you to show them your appreciation”everytime they use it, they’ll remember what a great time they had on your big day!

If you need more ideas for wedding favors, Crystal Gardens has an even longer list for you. Get in touch with them today, by email or phone at 877-545-1002.

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