All brides plan on having the perfect wedding: every detail flawless and going as planned, all without any hiccups.

Sounds pretty ideal, right? Yes, but unfortunately it’s not always the case!

Although brides don’t like to think about things going wrong, the truth is that wedding emergencies happen ” but these blunders don’t have to ruin the big day.

The best way to deal with wedding emergencies is to plan for them.

Here are some of the most common wedding emergencies brides run into, how to prepare for them, and how to handle them.

1. Wedding dress emergencies

Stains, ripped seams, zipper and button malfunctions: there’s a lot that can go wrong when dealing with a delicate wedding gown, and they’re usually unexpected. It’s OK ” don’t panic. Prepare yourself with these possible hiccups and keep a whole dress kit on hand, and a collection of the best tips and tricks.

Back of bides dress and someone helps lace it up.

Dress stains

Different stains require different treatments: wine, makeup, dirt. During the last few fittings, brides should ask their seamstress for recommended treatments for stains on their dress’ particular fabric.

Below are a few suggestions, but when in doubt, leave it to the professionals. Most dry cleaners specialize in cleaning wedding gowns and can treat stains while ensuring the fabric is safe.

  • Water based stains ” like red wine, or any sort of beverage ” should be dabbed with cold water and a clean cloth immediately. Never rub the stain, as it will likely make the stain worse and damage the delicate threads of the dress. After it’s dried, use the wedding dress secret weapon: white chalk. The powder from the chalk will help absorb and cover the stain.
  • For oil-based stains ” like perfume or salad dressing ” once again, dab the stain with a clean cloth first. Then, dab the stain with talcum powder or cornstarch for around 10-15 minutes until it absorbs the oil stain. (Don’t forget that white chalk.)
  • For cosmetic stains, it’s best to treat the area with club soda and a dash of salt. After it dries, whip out the handy white chalk to cover any remnants of the stain.

Dress and veil fabric fiascos

Brides, never forget the must-have emergency item for your wedding day: a sewing kit. Have one that is packed with all the little tools and different colors of threads ” this way it can be used for anyone who may have a seam to fix. If there’s a time crunch and there isn’t enough time to sew a tear, fix the ripped part with safety pins.

If pesky straps are a problem, safety pins can be used. Reminder: they may not hold the straps for top long.

For strapless dresses that might slip off or down, be sure to have double-sided tape on hand. Tape it around the bust line of the wedding dress to secure the fabric.

Zipper and button malfunctions

There are four secret weapons when it comes to fixing zippers malfunctions: a candle, a graphite pencil, bar soap, or lip balm. Use one of these four items and rub the teeth of the zipper, slowly gliding it up and down. Do this a few times up and down the entire zipper. However, before doing this, make sure that there is no thread stuck along the fastener. And of course, be extremely careful not to get any pencil, lip balm, wax or soap onto the fabric of the wedding dress.

For misbehaving buttons, safety or bobby pins can do the trick.

Back of brides dress getting laced up.

2. Bad weather

If the wedding is outside, make a bad weather backup plan far in advance of the big day. This is a must. Ask the venue if there is indoor space available, or be prepared with a rented tent. For light showers, have umbrellas for guests. However, if it’s heavily raining, the back-up venue is the best bet.

If the weather is bad, you don’t necessarily have to move it inside. Sometimes there are options to keep the ceremony outside while staying sheltered from the weather. Crystal Gardens features the only open air chapel of its kind in Michigan, and it can be covered in the case of bad weather. The chapel features white padded chiavari chairs for 170 guests, standing room for additional guests, a sound system, lavaliers for groom and officiant, lighting and ceiling fans. It is available for weddings during May through October, for clients hosting their wedding reception at Crystal Gardens or catering through Town Host.

If renting another venue is simple impossible with your budget, just embrace the pouring rain as a memory you’ll cherish for years.

3. Venue problems

The best way to prepare for and handle venue problems is to have direct and clear communication with the people who will be running the show. The venue should have a clear plan to help keep your event on track. The event coordinators at Crystal Gardens, for example, will schedule a meeting to finalize all of your wedding details four to six weeks before your wedding. You will receive a copy of the plan, complete with a schedule of events, complete the food and beverage menu, and all of the other important details to review (from vendors to linens to cake details). It’s important to choose a venue that you feel confident in to ensure your big day is a complete success.

4. Sickness and medical emergencies

If the bride or groom begin feeling ill the week of the wedding, it’s best to get extra rest and head to the doctor sooner than later. But waking up on the morning of the wedding feeling unexpectedly unwell with things like a fever, a cold, or a stomach ache could be tricky. Don’t hesitate to take over-the-counter medication or even head to urgent care if it feels more serious and can’t wait. The health of the bride, groom, and guests is the number one priority and concern.

5. Beauty blunders

Unruly hair and makeup can be a problem during the whirlwind of a day. Be sure to have the essentials on hand: waterproof mascara, hairspray, bobby pins, makeup setting spray, and other accessories. These will come in handy for hair that starts falling out or makeup that begins to fade away. Also, be sure to plan your hairstyle around the time of year and weather. Keep in mind wind conditions, humidity, precipitation, etc., when planning your hairstyle for the big day. If you will be spending time outside, plan a style that can hold up to the weather conditions.

Brides hair in updo with white flowers.

Helpful beauty tip for brides, bridesmaids, or even the groom: if you wake up with a zit, don’t panic. Immediately clean the area and treat it with salicylic acid to clear the bacteria. Use hydrocortisone to eliminate the swelling. Let the makeup work the magic and cover it up. Most importantly, don’t pick at the blemish ” it will only make it worse!

6. Guests who overindulge in alcohol

Prepare for this scenario in advance by identifying friends and family members who might hit the bar a little too hard. Then, try to keep the mic away from them in case they want to make a toast. If possible, ask a close friend or family member to keep an eye on any guests who may be particularly infamous for over indulging. When you meet with your venue during the planning process, be sure to raise concerns about guests over indulging, and make it clear that the bartender must cut guests off from drinking when necessary.

Hand holding a wine glass with white wine in it.

If you are a bride or groom planning a wedding, don’t worry yourself sick about wedding emergencies. Simply plan for them and be prepared to handle them accordingly. Most often, weddings end up being a night never forgotten, even if a few minor glitches pop up. So, make emergency plans, then sit back and enjoy the wedding and marriage experience!

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