The Perfect Bridal Gown Experience For Your Destination Wedding

Who doesn’t love a destination wedding? It’s a fun adventure for the bride, groom, and guests: a unique location, a built-in vacation, fun surprises, and special memories. For the bride, however, there are a few special steps that need to be taken to ensure the bridal gown is picture-perfect on the big day.

Finding the Perfect Bridal Gown

For a destination wedding, really take the time to envision how you see yourself on your wedding day. A ballgown, for example, can look just as amazing on a beach as in a ballroom. The style of the gown should reflect how you envision yourself at your wedding destination. Keep in mind things like the temperature and the type of environment (sand, tall grass, mountains, etc.) when finding your perfect dress.

Traveling with Your Gown

Remember, your gown has to travel with you. We recommend keeping it in your possession and not pre-shipping it to your destination. With something as one-of-a-kind as your bridal gown, it is safest in your own hands. Always store your dress in a breathable cloth garment bag and keep it away from pets, liquids, and strong scents. If you’re traveling by airplane, contact the airline in advance and ask for their advice in storing your dress–many airlines will allow you to bring the dress as your carry-on. If you’re driving, plan for adequate space for your bridal gown to lay flat.

Steaming Your Dress & Veil

You will want to check with your venue or wedding planner to see what services they offer for gown and veil steaming. Plan for your items to be steamed upon arrival to your destination and leave plenty of time for a last-minute quality check. If you are not in a location that offers a steaming service, consider bringing a portable handheld steamer to refresh your gown. Keep in mind, only distilled water should be used on your gown, and not every fabric can be steamed. Check with your bridal salon to find the best methods for taking care of your particular dress.

Plan For The Temperature & Humidity Levels

Consider what the humidity and temperature will be like at your destination. Will the humidity cause your hair to frizz? Will high temperatures cause your hair to droop or your makeup to “melt”? Ensure that your wedding day look fits in with the climate you are getting married in.

Watch the Terrain

You’ve planned the perfect shoes to match your dress. However, do they fit the terrain you’ll be walking on? If you have a heel of any sort and are walking on grass or soft ground, consider adding a clear heel protector to the back of your shoe to make it easier for you to walk.

Planning a destination wedding is fun and adventurous! Follow these simple reminders and it will be simple and stress-free as well.