Wedding Dress Shopping

How to Prepare for Wedding Dress Shopping

What is the best way you can prepare yourself for wedding dress shopping?  To ensure you look and feel your best during your shopping experience, we have a few simple tips: Avoid inflammatory foods and foods that may cause bloating or upset stomach for at least 24 hours prior to shopping. This includes beans &

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Mother of the bride blesses the bride for a happy family life.

Your Child is Getting Married: What Should You Wear?

The day you have dreamed about has come: your son or daughter is getting married.  In the flurry of activities – dress and tux shopping, shower planning, cake tasting, and what feels like an endless supply of happy tears, the mother-of-the-bride-or-groom dress can feel like one more “added stress” in an endless checklist of wedding

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bridal guests

How To Be The Best Dress Shopping Guest

If you’re one of the lucky “chosen ones” who is invited to accompany the bride as she embarks on her dress shopping experience, we have a few helpful tips for you to be the best possible guest, support system and biggest fan of the bride. Most importantly, remember that the bride’s opinion comes first. As

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Bridal Silhouettes

Defining Bridal Dress Silhouettes

If you’ve been shopping for bridal gowns, then chances are, the word “silhouettes” is a buzzword you are very familiar with. In this blog, we breakdown the four main silhouettes of bridal. A-line gowns are fitted through the natural waist and flair out softly. They are fantastic gowns for creating a soft, fairytale feel. They

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Storing your wedding dress

What To Do With Your Dress After The Big Day

The wedding day has come and gone. What are your plans for your wedding dress? Whether you plan to save it for future generations, donate it, or sell it, it is extremely important that the gown be handled properly after the wedding day to keep it in the best possible condition. Here are our top

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Tips for Storing Your Bridal Gown

You finally found your dream gown! Now the adventure begins. But how should your gown be handled between now and the wedding day? Follow these simple steps to take proper care of your gown: Ensure the gown is properly wrapped and stored. We recommend a black breathable garment bag to keep sunlight out and allow

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