Your wedding is such an important day to have the perfect look. Last week we gave you some tips on how to get started wedding dress shopping so this week we want to give you the perfect timeline for the perfect wedding look. When to shop and when to buy, not only for you beautiful brides but for your bridesmaids, mothers, grooms’ looks, and more!
As a bride you will want to begin the process eight to 12 months out from the wedding. The first thing you will want to accomplish is finding and purchasing the dress of your dreams! After that you will start the shopping process for your bridesmaids and mothers. The reason you start so far out is because bridal gowns can take about six months to come in and you will need to allow time for alterations. Bridesmaids and mothers dresses take about four to five months to come in and you will need to allow time for alterations as well. The closer to the wedding you are for ordering these dresses the less we can guarantee getting them in time for you. By starting eight to 12 months out you put yourself in the best and least stressful position.
The next steps are done four to six months before your wedding. Right at the six month mark you will want to make sure that your bridesmaids and mothers dresses have been ordered and you have alterations appointments set up for everyone. Then within this three month time frame your wedding dress will arrive! Storing it until the wedding is much less complicated than most brides think. Keeping it somewhere safe and dry is the only thing you need to do. There are no special ways you need to hang it or places it needs to be. Now that you have your dress this is the perfect time to order any of the last minute accessories you might be missing. Veils can take four to six months to come in and most jewelry takes up to 3 months so it’s important not only for you as a bride to get all of your jewelry in on time, but your bridesmaid’s jewelry for their gifts as well. Making sure you pick out undergarments and the perfect wedding shoe should happen in this time frame as well. One of our newer designers we are now carrying is Badgley Mischka’s wedding shoes and she has gorgeous options in several sizes and colors in stock, but we want to make sure you order them ahead of time to get them in before your alterations.
The next two things still in the four to six month range is ordering invitations and getting groomsmen’s gifts. Our company Carlson Craft is a great option to complete both of these tasks. Not only do they specialize in stationary and invitations, you can order your engraved napkins, and potentially your groomsmen’s gifts like engraved flasks or beer mugs. This company also has guestbooks, toasting flutes, cake toppers, and favors. The final thing to complete four to six months out is choosing what your guys are going to wear. We work with Jim’s Formal Wear Co. and they have a wonderfully varied selection of designer looks to suit any groom’s needs.
Then two to three months out from the wedding are much simpler tasks to accomplish. You will send out your wedding invitations and begin your alterations. Your first appointment for alterations should be set about 2 months from the wedding and it is crucial for you to remember to have your undergarments and shoes finalized at this point.
A month before your wedding alterations for your bridesmaids and mothers dresses will begin so it is important to have their shoes and undergarments picked out ahead of time as well. Then for your bridal gown your second alterations fitting will take place to make sure there is no last minute fixes. About a month before you will should be receiving your wedding invitation response cards too.
Finally the week of your wedding is here! You will be picking up your bridal gown and all your bridesmaids and mothers dresses this week (maybe the week before depending on your seamstress). They will be freshly steamed so when you take them home this time you will want to make sure they have a good place to hangout until the big day. Your groom, groomsmen, and fathers will be trying on and picking up their tuxedos at least 48 hours before the wedding. Those will also be perfectly pressed and ready to go for the day of as well.
It is also important to remember through this whole process to enjoy it and make memories that will last a lifetime!