Typically, the defrost of winter and tulips sprouting would be exciting signs that the wedding season is upon us. Brides and grooms have spent the last several months putting together the finishing touches to ensure their weddings will be just as they’ve imagined. But during this Coronavirus pandemic, couples are being forced to shift their plans in unexpected ways.

A recent study released by The Wedding Report revealed couples are scrambling amid the COVID-19 restrictions. The survey showed that 28 percent of couples are postponing their spring or early summer wedding until later in the year. Just over 22 percent of those surveyed have postponed until 2021 and 6.5 percent have canceled their event altogether.

For brides and grooms struggling to make a decision as to whether to postpone their wedding, a lot of important questions come into play.  The situation is different for each couple.  They need to decide what is most important to them “ is it having every guest present?  Is it getting married sooner than later?  Is it having their dream day with no significant changes?  While it’s too soon to have all of the answers as to when this will be over, we have seen many brides and grooms move their dates later in the year, and even to Sundays and Mondays, in order to still have their weddings this year.  The best resource for couples struggling to make a decision are their vendors. Venues, in particular, can provide valuable insight into what each bride and groom’s options are and can help make an informed decision.

Brides, in particular, have a lot of very valid concerns regarding their weddings right now.  We want to do our part to help squelch unneeded stress, so we have answers to common concerns:

I ordered my dress already. Will production be delayed?  Rumors are circulating about dress production being halted due to COVID-19.  Thankfully, brides who have already ordered their dresses at The Dress Shop need not be concerned about their dresses.  We have been in direct contact with each of our designers and they have all assured us that they are still at full production, and gowns are shipping as planned.  The only delays at this point that we are experiencing are due to individual state quarantines, but shipping will resume as soon as individual states announce an end to quarantines.

I need my dress really soon, but the state is quarantined. What can I do?  At The Dress Shop, we have shipped many dresses to brides and bridesmaids who need them before the quarantine is lifted, and we plan to continue this for any brides needing their dresses sooner than later.

I haven’t purchased a wedding dress yet, but my wedding is coming up soon. What should I do?  It’s important to remember that fall and winter weddings still need to be ordering bridal dresses right now, as they can take up to six to eight months to come in.  At The Dress Shop, we have a few different options for brides searching for the perfect dress:

  • We are helping brides who have already been into our store and fallen in love with a dress place their orders with our online portal, so they stay on track with their timeline.
  • For brides who fall in love with one of our designer’s dresses online, we are able to help them place an order directly through our store now.
  • For brides who prefer to wait until after the quarantine is lifted, we have great options as well. Many of our designers try to have selections of in stock options, so we can help our brides find styles that we can easily receive in plenty of time for their weddings.
  • Once the quarantine is lifted, we have a large selection of sample dresses that brides can take home the same day they say yes to the dress.

Let’s talk tuxedos. How can I choose tuxedos if I can’t come into your store right now?  The Dress Shop has some great options for ordering tuxedos right from home.  Brides and grooms have the option of choosing tuxedos through our online portal.  Then, we have had groomsmen submitting their measurements online as well and can handle their entire orders remotely.

What is the easiest way to get a tuxedo over the next few months? The Dress Shop is able to ship tuxedos and even replacement items directly to each customer’s home, and they can ship them back directly after the wedding, to minimize contact.

I need to order bridesmaids dresses for my wedding.  Am I running out of time? It’s important to remember that fall and winter weddings still need to be ordering bridesmaids dresses right now, as they can take up to six months to come in.  However, we can help with that!  Brides can choose styles and colors online, then bridesmaids can submit their measurements online and we can get all dresses ordered, even during a quarantine.

I have questions.  Who can I talk to?  At The Dress Shop, we are doing our best to help brides and grooms through this difficult time.  We are in contact seven days a week with brides and grooms who have questions at this time.  We are also helping brides and grooms plan ahead “ they can log onto our website at tdsbridal.com to book appointments for bridal gowns, bridesmaids, and tuxedos, or contact us with questions.