If you’re planning a wedding for 2020, you’re probably scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest in search of styles and ideas that aren’t so last year. To save you some time, we created a quick list of up-and-coming wedding trends to use as a starting point for inspiration.

Untraditional dress styles

A continuing trend in 2020 is wedding dresses with pockets, allowing brides to store away personal belongings such as a cell phone, lipstick, or tissues for emotional wedding day moments. As for dress shape, brides are choosing what best flatters them and their personality, whether it be A-line, sheath, fit & flare, or ballgown.  Bridal gowns are showing up in shades of white, including unique undertones of lavender, dusty blue, blush, gold, nude, and gray tones. What’s even better is that designers are crafting each dress with different color options, allowing brides to have a more customized experience. The expert bridal stylists at The Dress Shop can help brides find the right fit, color, and style to make each bride feel truly unique, and truly themselves, on their wedding day. 

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Schemes

Now more than ever, many couples are taking extra steps to reduce the environmental and ethical impact of their wedding, and the same will go for 2020. We’re seeing plenty of creative approaches”from using recycled paper for wedding stationery (or going paper-free with email invites!) to finding a catering company that sources ethical, local, and organic produce. Some offer to plant seeds as wedding favors. 

Local and organic flowers with a twist
In 2020, wedding flowers are becoming sustainable, too. More couples are choosing florists that use locally grown seasonal blooms, wildflowers, or dried flowers. Even beyond local resources, some couples grow their own flowers or even incorporate flowers already existing in gardens. A combination of greenery is an inexpensive and popular way to keep things organic”soft draping and hanging greenery flowers or foliage archways are always beautiful and environmentally friendly. For outdoor weddings, some get creative and use wildflowers naturally growing in the field to create natural decor. 

Brides are finding unique ways to experiment with flowers, like hiding objects in their bouquets that have meaning to them or using bold colors with different textures and shapes. Some brides are incorporating floral touches in things like crowns for bridesmaids and flower girls, or even flowers frozen in ice cubes for cocktails and flavored water.  

More colors and shades

A few years ago, the trend was to choose one or two colors to set the wedding theme. Now, couples are choosing unique variations and combinations of several different colors. Instead of a specific theme, the bride and groom decide on an overall atmosphere they want to achieve and choose colors that fit within that tone.

Mustard yellow, ochre, cumin, and saffron are also very popular for 2020, mixed with intense or dark greens such as sage green. All of these colors are complimented well with touches of rose gold and silver, both on-trend this upcoming year.  The Dress Shop has an incredible selection of bridesmaids dresses and tuxedo and suit accessories (pocket squares, ties, and socks) to fit each theme, creating a truly unique and customized event experience.

Novel themes and decor

Moving into 2020, we’re seeing a prominent shift away from matchy-matchy decor. Couples are becoming more creative and refined with their decor and overall wedding theme, choosing something that feels more uniquely them as opposed to classic wedding styles and inspiration. In general, many couples are leaning towards vintage, bohemian or rustic chic, and natural themes.

There’s also a growing focus on the overall atmosphere and vibe for an intimate guest experience. The small details are key when it comes to designing this kind of setting, most popularly the creative use of lighting. On-trend weddings will feature a mix and match of lighting, using things like twinkle lights, hanging pendants, lampshades, and vintage chandeliers. 

As for table arrangements, many couples are removing themselves from the traditional family-style table where they sit with the entire wedding party. The sweethearts table is becoming more popular, where the happy couple sits together at a table of their own, facing their guests, with their wedding party and families at tables in close proximity. It’s romantic and intimate, and it focuses on the couple and their bond that everyone has gathered to celebrate. 

Creative Cuisine 

In 2020, it’s going to be all about sweet, savory, and everything in-between. Many couples are replacing traditional wedding cakes with things like cheese towers and cheese boards, complemented by a spread of jams, fruits, nuts, and artisan bread and crackers. 

Also, the trend remains in food workshops, such as meat cutting stations, design your own skewers, waffle or pancake bars, ice cream bars, juice and smoothie bars”all the food bars! 

While these trends are great inspiration, it’s important to do things your own way in your own style”it’s your big day. If you’re looking for more inspiration or unique ideas, give us a call. You can reach our event coordinators by email or phone at 877-545-1002.