How to Store Your Wedding Dress

You finally found your dream wedding dress! Now the adventure begins. But how should your gown be handled between now and your wedding day? Follow these simple steps to take proper care of your gown:

  1. Ensure the gown is properly wrapped and stored. We recommend a black breathable garment bag to keep sunlight out and allow air to flow freely. Plastic bags can cause discoloration and staining and are not recommended.
  2. When transporting your gown home from the store or to alterations, always keep it wrapped in its garment bag and lay it flat in the backseat of your car if possible to avoid wrinkles.
  3. When hanging your gown up in your closet, keep it in your breathable garment bag. Make sure the dress is hanging from the hang straps inside the dress, and not by the dress straps, which can become stretched out over time. If possible, ensure your dress has plenty of closet space so air can flow freely around it.
  4. Keep your gown in a cool, dry location. Heat can damage a bridal gown, and humid environments can cause staining or even mold.
  5. Avoid handling your dress more often than necessary. While it is so tempting to model it for your loved ones, remember that the oils from your skin can cause staining. Also, the more the dress is handled the less clean and crisp it will be.
  6. If you are planning a destination wedding, be sure to include your dress in your travel plans. Check with your airline to learn their best advice for traveling with your dress. Some airlines offer in-flight closets to hang your gown, some recommend putting it in the overhead compartment (which will lead to wrinkling), and some may recommend purchasing your dress its own seat.

We hope these tips help to keep your dress looking its absolute best for your wedding day!

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