How to Prepare for Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding Dress Shopping

What is the best way you can prepare yourself for wedding dress shopping?  To ensure you look and feel your best during your shopping experience, we have a few simple tips:

  • Avoid inflammatory foods and foods that may cause bloating or upset stomach for at least 24 hours prior to shopping. This includes beans & legumes, sodas & carbonated beverages, sugar alcohols, fast food, frozen & boxed meals, FODMAPS (fermentable oligo-,di, & monosaccharides & polyols), & wheat.
  • Wear light makeup. It’s much easier to envision yourself as a bride with makeup on, but keep in mind that heavy makeup is not preferred by bridal salons, as it can ruin dresses.
  • Wear an easy hair style. You’ll be in and out of a multitude of dresses, so choosing a hairstyle that can withstand the costume changes is key.  You may want to bring bobby pins or a hair tie so that once you find “the one”, you can more properly envision yourself on your wedding day with your hair style.
  • Undergarments: wear them.
  • Fuel up! Trying on dresses is a workout.  Ensure you’re properly fueled with a healthy, protein-filled option prior to beginning your dress shopping journey.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll have a great start to your dress shopping experience!

At The Dress Shop, located in mid-Michigan, we want all brides to have an incredible bridal shopping experience, whether they choose to buy from us or somewhere else.  We carry a full range of gowns featuring a large array of styles, silhouettes, trends, and price points, to ensure that every bride has the opportunity to fall in love.  In addition, our talented bridal stylists are experts in bridal fashion, including finding the perfect pieces to complete the bridal look, from veils to jewelry to headpieces.  Additionally, The Tux Room offers top quality designer tuxes and suits for purchases or rental to ensure the groom’s look is an exact complement to the bride’s.  For more information about The Dress Shop, contact us at 517-546-3600 or visit

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