The first wedding dance can be romantic and sweet ” a moment for the newlyweds to share an intimate moment after the craziness of the day. They can also be boring. 

If you’re not into the traditional and want to shake it up a little, the first dances are a great time to do so (as long as there’s music, you might as well shake!). But, with so many wedding dances hitting YouTube and going viral, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to make your dance stand out. To create wedding dances that will stand out in your memory, it doesn’t have to be, go big or go home. 

Here are some fun and sweet ways to make the first dances of your new lives together both personal and unique. 

Pick a Personal Song

On any given day, there are a lot of romantic songs in the Top 40. You might hear a song on the radio and think, Wow, that describes us perfectly! But you know what? A lot of other brides are thinking that exact same thing. Don’t pick a song that just sounds romantic. 

Choose one that has meaning to you as a couple. Maybe there was a song playing the first time you kissed and now every time you hear it you feel a little giddy. 

Maybe that song doesn’t seem particularly romantic to most. But, if it means something to you, even if it’s a little silly or more upbeat than slow, it will stand out to both you and your guests. 

Tip: Before you start, explain the meaning of the song to your guests so they can share this romantic moment with you!

Learn Some Moves

This might not seem unique since everyone seems to have an elaborate, choreographed dance routine on YouTube right now, but if you do it right, you can make it unique to you. Don’t learn a whole dance but wow your guests with certain spins during a particularly fun part of the song. Learn a style that may not seem like it goes with the song, but make it work for you. 

Tip: To go even bigger, invite your bridal party up to join you for part of the song and create a musical number that will wow. 

Use Costumes

Really want to make an impression during your first dance? Throw on some props to set the mood for your rockin’ first dance. If you’ve chosen to learn a dance or some moves, use costumes that could complement these moves. The groom could grab a top hat or the bride could don a boa. No need for a full-on wardrobe change, just add some fun accessories to create a silly atmosphere that keeps your first dance unique. 

Pick More Than One Song

You don’t have to keep your whole song slow and romantic. Like we said above, if there is a more upbeat, silly song that means something to you as a couple, use that. Then, if you want a moment or two of slow dancing with your new spouse, change it up. There are no rules that say you have to use the same song for your whole dance. 

Keep your guests on your toes by starting things slow and then shaking it up. Or, maybe start funny and end on a romantic note. Whatever you decide, as long as the dance (or dances) reflect who you are, then they’ll be unique and fun. 

Tip: Don’t go too long. Your guests will only be able to pay attention for so long before they get antsy and want to get out on the floor themselves. 

Rethink Family

For those who have lost parents, the Daddy-Daughter and Mother-Son dances can be a painful moment to look toward. Today, many families think of family in new terms and if you have an alternative family, use these dances to express what family means to you. Instead of the traditional parent dances, invite guests to participate in a family dance. If the bride or groom is marrying a partner with a child or children, invite them to join you and encourage others to come up with anyone they consider family. 

To keep things lighthearted, use a fun song that everyone can dance to together without feeling like they have to pair up. 

Get Cultural 

If your union is joining two cultures, use your first dance as an opportunity to showcase this merging. For part of the dance, dance to a song from the bride’s culture, then switch it up and do something more traditional to the groom. You could go from a line dance to Salsa, from Bollywood to the Hora. 

Embrace your background during your wedding dance and use this time to blend two cultures. 

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