Themed weddings have been on the rise in recent years and for couples that share a particular passion, it can be a great way to show off your personalities and your shared interests to make your wedding truly unique to who you are as a couple. From the roaring twenties to Disney to Star Wars, it’s easy to get caught up in the creativity of something you’re both passionate about.

It’s also easy to go overboard. It’s doesn’t take much to go from, Wow, this wedding is unique and special, to Whoa, no one likes Harry Potter this much. Yes, a Harry Potter theme can create a beautiful and magical day when done right. 

Of course, your theme doesn’t have to a pop culture reference. Here are a few examples of themes we’ve loved, both pop culture and different styles you can choose from. 

  • Country
  • Modern
  • Glam
  • Disney
  • Star Wars
  • Harry Potter/Wizard 
  • Bohemian
  • The Fifties/Sock Hop
  • Victorian
  • Prohibition 
  • Superheroes 

How far you take your theme is totally up to you as a couple but if you want to embrace a movie, an era, or a style that is important to you while keeping things elegant and classy, here are few ways to do just that. 

Keep It Subtle 

The devil is in the details, or, maybe Darth Vader is in the details. If you want to throw a themed wedding without going crazy, focus on adding elements of your theme into small details rather than making the focal point of the day (that’s supposed to be you!). If you’re into Harry Potter, hang lights from the ceiling to mirror the candles in the Great Hall. Like Star Wars? A sign on the head table stating, 

I love you.

I know. 

–would make a sweet addition. 

The cake topper is a small detail to have fun with. Name cards for the table or the programs could hold poems or decor that matches your theme and won’t be overwhelming. Pick flowers in colors that capture the essence of the theme–love Snow White? Try yellow, blue, and red. 

Whatever your theme, there are a lot of small ways to incorporate your passions into your special day. 

Focus on the Photos 

The photo booth is a fun way to bring in your theme and get your guests involved. The props in the booth could mirror your theme and guests could spend the evening creating poses and scenarios that not only focus on your interest but also capture their unique personalities. 

You could also pull out props for a few of the professional photos but be sure to get a few where it’s just you, your spouse, and your family. You want to remember the day as a declaration of your love, not just a day centered around princesses or flappers. 

Get Musical 

Playing music that matches your theme is a great way to capture the feeling you want while keeping the theme in the background. 

Instrumental scores from soundtracks could play while dinner is served, or a sing-along could keep guests entertained while the bridal party takes pictures. If your theme centers around a specific era, hire a band that specializes in that type of music. 


While you may not want to use complete costumes from the movie, style, or era you’ve chosen, accessories can help capture the feeling of the theme without being overwhelming. Jewelry is a great way to capture details from books, movies, or time periods. A symbol featured prominently in your favorite movie or an accessory worn by your favorite character can capture the mood you are seeking without taking over the day. 

Brides are having more fun with their shoes and using a bright or unusual style to bust away from traditional norms. Try to find a shoe that fits your them and have fun showing it off in pictures (now, where can you find a glass slipper?). 

The Drinks

We’ve talked about how creating themed cocktails can be a fun way to capture the personality of the bride and groom, but creating cocktails around a particular theme, or using drinks from a movie or book can do the same thing. Letting guests order drinks from the world you are trying to recreate is a great way to really capture the feel of your theme. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Butterbeer 
  • Poison Apple
  • Old-Fashioned 
  • Martini
  • Gatsby’s Bootleg Punch

Whatever your passions, there are a million ways to incorporate them into your special. Whether you want to go all out or keep the references subtle, the choice is yours. If you want the theme to take a backseat to the love you and your future spouse share, use these tips to make the day mostly about you…and a little about Star Wars. 

Not sure where to get started when planning a themed wedding? Give us a call and we can help you find the details that will make the day uniquely yours. You can reach our event coordinators by email or phone at 877-545-1002.