For many, dress shopping is an exciting (and maybe anxiety inducing!) event, but with your crew in tow, you’re ready to take on the day. What can you do to make the most out of your shopping trip? Here are our top tips for creating your ultimate bridal experience. 

  • Pick Your Perfect Package While a standard bridal appointment will create a beautiful opportunity for you to say yes, consider customizing your shopping day experience to better suit your needs. Maximize your shopping time with a larger, more spacious fitting room, pastries and bubbly, or even a charcuterie board. Before your shopping day, take time to explore the different appointment options and upgrades on the shop’s website. This quick research will help you select the perfect package so that you can relax and enjoy the day. 
  • Curate your Bridal Mood Board Dress shopping with an open mind is your best bet at finding your perfect gown, but it can help to go into the day with an idea of how you want to feel at your wedding. Curating a bridal mood board with different styles and colors that catch your eye will help you and your stylist determine where to start. This is the perfect opportunity to define the mood and overall feel of your big day and keep your guests on the same page. Plus, it’s something fun to do while you eagerly await your appointment!
  • Arrive Ready to Say Yes Brides are often shocked when they find the perfect dress early in their first appointment, but it happens more often than you think. Oftentimes brides will find themselves in a gown they love, but feel hesitation to say yes because of their roster of additional appointments they have booked. Instead of overbooking, pick one or two bridal shops and arrive ready to find your dress!

With these few tips in mind, bridal shopping will be easy and fun.