How to Create Unique Wedding Welcome Bags

If you’re hosting a destination wedding or inviting a lot of guests from out of town, ideally you’d like to be there to greet every one of them as they arrive and thank them for coming to celebrate with you. Realistically, this just isn’t possible. You’re going to be busy taking of last-minute details and hopefully relaxing a little before the big day. Since out of town guests will arrive at different times leading up to your wedding, it’s impossible to greet them all individually. 

The solution? Wedding welcome bags! 

A wedding welcome bag is a great way to say hello to your guests as soon as they arrive without actually being there in person. This bag can contain anything from treats for your guests to extras they might need during their stay to information about the area. If you plan it just right, you can even have their bags waiting for them at their hotels.

Here’s everything you need to know to create this fun fad!

They’re Not Mandatory

Wedding welcome bags are a fun treat but they are not mandatory and your guests are not going to show up expecting one. You may not need them if you only have a few guests coming from out of town. And, even if you’re hosting a destination wedding, it’s your choice whether you provide this fun extra. These bags are a fun way to show your thanks but they are not a wedding staple. 

They Can Help Your Guests Feel At Home

If your guests are coming to your hometown for your wedding, you might want them to feel as comfortable as you do during their stay. Wedding welcome bags are a great way to provide some of the comforts they’ll need to fit right in! If they’re staying for a few days, you can use these bags to provide information about the location and things to do. 

Throw in some maps, brochures, and even menus for favorite restaurants. Make a must-see list of things your guests shouldn’t miss while in town. They’re coming to celebrate you and your wedding but you won’t be able to spend all your time with them, so suggest a few of your favorite places! 

They Can Be Simple

If you want to offer a welcome bag but are worried about adding another thing to your to-do list, remember, you can keep it simple. 

While there is always going to be a way to take everything about your wedding to the next level, there’s also nothing wrong with a little simplicity. Remember, a welcome bag is just about saying hello and welcoming your guests. Even a cute, simple paper bag with some local things to check out, a few bottles of water and a yummy snack will make your guests feel like you took the time to acknowledge their trip to help you celebrate. 

Goody Bag Ideas

Here are a few suggestions on what you can include in your welcome bags. 

  • Local fare: Snacks or small gifts from some of your favorite local spots
  • Sightseeing necessities: Offer some items that are easy to forget but will make sightseeing fun, like sunglasses, sunscreen, or local maps.  
  • Snacks and drinks: Traveling guests might not want to spend money on the minibar for in-between meal snacks, so help them stay fed and hydrated with little items to munch on and some waters. 
  • Pampering products: Help your guests relax after traveling by offering some smell-good lotions, bath salts, essential oils, or face masks
  • An itinerary: If you have a number of wedding activities planned, like a family brunch or rehearsal dinner, this is a great place to include that schedule and everything guests need to know about locations, transportation, and more. 
  • Booze: Want to get the party started a little early? Throw some tiny wine or liquor bottles in your welcome bag and invite your guests to start the celebration! 
  • Hangover helpers: If you’re including booze, you might want to include hangover helpers like painkillers, lots of water, eye masks, or vitamins. 

Don’t stress over wedding welcome bags. If you need some help, get your wedding party involved. These bags should be a fun way to connect with your guests, not extra stress!

If you’re in the wedding planning stage, give us a call. You can reach our event coordinators by email or phone at 877-545-1002.

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