How To Be The Best Dress Shopping Guest

If you’re one of the lucky “chosen ones” who is invited to accompany the bride as she embarks on her dress shopping experience, we have a few helpful tips for you to be the best possible guest, support system, and biggest fan of the bride.

Most importantly, remember that the bride’s opinion comes first. As a guest, your role is to support the bride through her journey, and ensure she finds the dress that she feels her best in. When she tries a dress on, before offering an opinion, ask, “what do you think?” It is important to give the bride a chance to really hone in on how she is feeling about a gown without being swayed by the opinions of her guests. 

It can be overwhelming trying on dresses, and the bride may ask for help narrowing her choices down. We recommend asking, “is there anything you like or don’t like about this dress?” This will allow the bride the time to think critically about the dress and come to her own conclusion as to whether the dress is right for her.

Finally, look for cues from the bride as to how she feels in each dress. Watch her facial expressions and body language. Ultimately, as the perfect dress-shopping guest, when a bride asks for your opinion, your perfect response to her is, “if you love it, I love it. I just want you to be happy!”

Dress shopping is a once-in-a-lifetime memory-making opportunity for the bride and her guests. These simple tips will ensure you support the bride in making all of her wedding dreams come true. 

At The Dress Shop, located in mid-Michigan, we want all brides to have an incredible bridal shopping experience, whether they choose to buy from us or somewhere else.  We carry a full range of gowns featuring a large array of styles, silhouettes, trends, and price points, to ensure that every bride has the opportunity to fall in love.  In addition, our talented bridal stylists are experts in bridal fashion, including finding the perfect pieces to complete the bridal look, from veils to jewelry to headpieces.  For more information about The Dress Shop, contact us at 517-546-3600!