Ready to start your bridal shopping adventure? Yes, this is a fun, amazing, incredible, exciting time, but how do you best navigate your experience to keep it that way? There are a few simple steps every bride should take for her bridal shopping adventure in order to ensure she finds the dress of her dreams¦instead of the experience of her nightmares.
Always bring your biggest fans and key decision makers. It’s important to have cheerleaders at your appointment, who will support your decisions, understand what you are looking for, and ensure you find the perfect dress for you. Leave behind anyone who is going to add stress, chaos, or discomfort to your experience. Also consider: is there anyone who has to be at your appointment for you to say yes? Be sure all special people are with you, because you might say yes when you least expect it.

Be open to different styles of dresses. Until you’ve actually tried bridal gowns on, it’s impossible to envision how they will actually look on your body. What looks good on the pages of pinterest may not be the most flattering silhouette, style, and design for you personally. It’s important to go into dress shopping with an open mind and no firm expectations.
Trust in your bridal stylist. Her job is to help you find your perfect dress, look and feel your best, and give you the most amazing memories. She has the added benefit of knowing the complete inventory of the store, has experience with styles and designs that you may not have considered, and her entire reason for existing is to ensure you fall in love with a gown. Take advantage of her expertise, view her as your most important asset, and be open and honest with her so that she has every chance possible of fulfilling your wedding gown wishlist.

Consider the possibility that you may say yes to the dress your first time shopping. Just like the perfect man, when you know, you know. It often surprises brides when they fall in love with a dress during their first time shopping, but it is extremely common. Keep an open mind and consider the possibility that your dream dress might be waiting just for you!

Bridal dress shopping should be one of the most fun experiences of the wedding planning experience. Following these key steps will help ensure you have a one-of-a-kind day with your favorite people, making incredible memories, and say yes to your dream dress.