Preserving Your Gown…Things To Know Now.


You said yes. To the finance, to the ring, to the dress, to the wedding day. You found your dream gown – the dress that will be memorialized throughout time in photos and videos. But how should you handle your gown after your wedding day to refresh it back to its original form and keep it from aging over time?

Whether you plan on saving your bridal gown, selling it, turning it into a christening gown, or have some other idea up your sleeve, it is extremely important to clean your gown after your wedding day. What steps should you follow?

Why Clean Your Dress:
Besides the obvious – stains and general wear and tear from the wedding day,
your bridal gown will turn yellow and discolor over time simply from the oils in your skin, lotions, and perfumes.

Avoid The Dry Cleaner:
Most dry cleaning processes are not designed for bridal gowns; bridal gowns feature extremely fragile fabrics, delicate lace, handsewn beading, and other features that dry cleaners are not prepared to handle. Cleaning the gown in the wrong environment can set stains, ruin fabrics, melt beading, or cause other issues for the bridal gown.

Don’t Just Clean – Preserve:
Why preserve your gown? Your bridal gown is an investment – and something to be passed down or used for a special purpose in the future. Without preserving your gown, over time light, dust, and moisture will cause even the most luxurious fabrics to yellow and fade over time. Preserving your gown applies a special solution to protect your gown, ensuring its longevity and keeping it pristine long after your wedding day.

Packaging Your Gown:
When your gown is properly preserved, it will arrive packaged to you in an acid-free bust form and packaged in an acid-free shadow box with a clear window for viewing. The acid-free packaging keeps the gown from yellowing over time, and the clear window allows you to view your gown without exposing it to skin oils, the environment around you, and even fresh air.

Where to Preserve Your Gown:
At The Dress Shop, we are bridal gown experts. And for that reason, we offer the highest quality gown preservation – we offer a 100-year guarantee against yellowing and carmelized sugar staining.

To learn more about our cleaning and preservation packages, contact us at 517-546-3600.