Choosing the color scheme for your wedding is not exactly the easiest task.

Now, thanks to Pinterest, you may already have your dream wedding all planned out with your favorite colors and styles or you may have multiple color schemes you have ˜pinned’ and are now struggling to choose the right one. As soon as you’ve settled on a venue you should decide on your color scheme.

Follow these five tips to help you choose your perfect wedding hues.

1. Consider the Season

Take the colors of the season into consideration when choosing your wedding colors. Brighter colors are great for summer, while pastel tones are perfect for spring. For winter, blush and silver tones are gorgeous, and for fall you cannot go wrong with rich jewel tones. Using seasonal colors also adds a plus for wedding party pictures. You wouldn’t want to have your bridesmaids in summer tones for pictures being taken outside in the snow.

But, also keep in mind that the time of year does not have to tie you down to a color scheme. If you have a color you really want to use try looking at it in some different hues to fit the season.

Bridesmaids holding flowers while standing in row in the snow.

2. Get Inspired from the Setting and Venue

Considering your venue can help you with choosing the perfect colors. Is it outside or inside? Is it in achurch or at Crystal Gardens? You have spent so much time picking the perfect spot to say, ˜I Do’, so spend just as much time envisioning your wedding at that spot. Taking advantage of the setting can really help you in determining your colors.

Navy blue, tan, pink and light blue color palette for wedding.

Also, remember that you chose this setting for a reason, so don’t try to change the color scheme too much, instead find ways to compliment it with the colors you enjoy.


3. Play with Color Combinations and the Color Wheel

Try looking at the color wheel. Yes, scary I know, but you don’t need a degree from art school to pick your wedding color palette. All you need to do is follow some simple principles. As they say, opposites attract, try choosing a warm and cool color like orange and light blue for example. Neighboring colors also work great together because they are similar to each other and they share a primary color. This could also give you a monochromic look by using one primary color in all different hues. Or you can go the classic route and build your color pallet by pairing a bright, saturated color with a neutral, like gray or blush. Playing around with different color combinations and different hues can really help you find what you like and what you don’t like.

Bridesmaids in slate blue dresses holding flowers.

4. Talk with the Groom

Some grooms do not want anything to do with planning for the big day, and that is completely okay. But, it is such a big day for the both of you as a couple, you should definitely ask him for his opinion. Find out his favorite colors or what colors he enjoys wearing. Now, let’s be honest, he may not care what shade of blue you choose or what hue of purple, but he probably wouldn’t be thrilled to have his wedding day filled with all things hot pink. Bringing your guy into the conversation can really help when deciding on your color scheme.

Zoom in of grooms suit and baby blue bowtie.

5. Stay True to Yourself and Your Style

You know yourself better than anyone. Think of your style and what you like. Try opening up your closet. What color do you see the most? What colors do you not see used at all? What is your style? Do you have a lot of vintage and floral or do you have more of a modern chic style? You would be so surprised at what you can learn about yourself from just looking in your closet. This is a great starting point and tool for picking your colors as well as determining what you do and do not like. The biggest piece of advice, stay true to yourself, don’t choose a certain color scheme just because everyone else did it on Pinterest and it worked for them. Instead, choose your color scheme because you enjoy the colors and they represent you and your significant other.

Blush, pink, purple and tan color pallets for wedding colors.

All the details included in wedding planning can get stressful but choosing your wedding colors should be fun and exciting and choosing your wedding colors early will make the tasks of choosing all your other wedding details, from invites and bridesmaid dresses to flowers, easy.

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