You’ve found your perfect dress.  And now, the journey really begins.  Finding the perfect seamstress to alter your bridal gown is almost as paramount as finding the perfect dress.  Alterations ensure the dress is a perfect fit, is comfortable for the most important day of a bride’s life, and also make the bride feel her most beautiful.  How do you find the right bridal seamstress?  Here are a few simple things to check out when choosing a bridal seamstress:

What type of bridal gown alteration experience does she have?

Bridal alterations are different from any type of alterations that exist.  Just because a seamstress has years of alterations experience doesn’t make her qualified to tear into a bridal gown, with all of its layers and fabrics and intricacies.  From unique fabrics to fragile hand beading to built in boning, understanding the construction of a bridal gown is extremely important.  Before entrusting your bridal gown to just anyone, it is important to ask how many bridal gowns a seamstress has worked on, and ask questions to learn more about her level of expertise.  You will also want to know how she plans to maximize your comfort in the gown while ensuring it is a perfect fit.  At The Dress Shop, our seamstresses are highly trained and specialize not only in bridal gowns, but in the designers that we work with, to ensure that each gown is custom altered to mold to a bride’s body in the most comfortable and flattering ways.

What questions do you have specific to your bridal gown? 

Each bridal gown is different.  During your initial consultation with the seamstress, be sure to ask her questions specific to your dress.  How will it bustle?  How will she take in or let out the bust, waist or hips?  How will it look if the shoulders have to be raised or altered?  What methods will she use?  Does the fabric or beading bother your skin?  What is her plan to minimize that?  Are there any customizations you would like made to your gown, and if so, how does she plan to accomplish this?  A skilled seamstress will be able to put your mind at ease and leave you feeling confident that your gown will come out picture perfect.  At The Dress Shop, our seamstress work one-on-one with every bride to ensure her dress is a perfect fit and is perfectly comfortable for the wedding day.

What do past customers say?

Online reviews, testimonials, and word of mouth are by far one of the best ways to learn more about the experience you can expect from your seamstress.  This will definitely help put your mind at ease and ensure you have the perfect seamstress for your bridal gown.

At The Dress Shop, located in mid-Michigan, we want all brides to have an incredible bridal shopping experience, whether they choose to buy from us or somewhere else.  We carry a full range of gowns featuring a large array of styles, silhouettes, trends, and price points, to ensure that every bride has the opportunity to fall in love.  In addition, our talented bridal stylists are experts in bridal fashion, including finding the perfect pieces to complete the bridal look, from veils to jewelry to headpieces.  Additionally, The Tux Room offers top quality designer tuxes and suits for purchases or rental to ensure the groom’s look is an exact complement to the bride’s.  For more information about The Dress Shop, contact us at 517-546-3600 or visit