Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life. And, according to numerous wedding myths, there are a lot of other things it’s supposed to be as well. There are a lot of myths out there surrounding what the perfect wedding day should include, how much it should cost, etc.

But your wedding is whatever you want it to be. It’s the moment that brings you and your fiance together as husband and wife. You don’t have to abide by whatever myths circulate about how to create the perfect wedding day. To help clear the air, here are a few wedding day myths¦debunked.

It’s All About You

While this is true in a sense, your wedding isn’t just about you as a person, or even you as a couple – it’s about your relationship, and celebrating the things that have led you to where you are today. And that probably includes a whole lot of people! Throughout your relationship, you’ve probably had a lot of support. People who gave advice, helped you through rocky times, and offered encouragement when you decided this person was the one.

Use this day to celebrate your union, but don’t forget about all the people who got you here. Celebrate you, while making sure to acknowledge the many roles your friends and family have played in your relationship.

You’ll remember every detail

In fact, the opposite may be true here. While most brides tend to obsess over every detail because they want to remember each moment, many say it goes by in a whirlwind. Chances are you won’t remember what color the ribbon on the chairs was or what type of silverware your guests were using. From start to finish, the day is going to fly by, and it’s impossible to remember every single second when you’re already nervous and excited.

This also means it’s important not to stress about the little things. You’re going to be focused on your soon-to-be spouse, having a good time, and soaking in all the love…those little details are going to be the last thing on your mind. That’s what pictures are for!

You should have a ____ long engagement

Insert a pre-determined length of time above. Everyone has their own ideas about how long you should wait after the engagement to get married. But the only opinion that really matters here is yours and your fiance’s. If you want to get married a few months after your engagement, go for it! If you want to wait three years until you graduate med school and you can buy a house, that’s great too. It’s your life and your timeline.

Keep in mind, if you do want to get hitched sooner than later, make sure you start off by booking the really important things, like your dress, venue, catering, and music first. If you’re really in a hurry, you might have to be ok with the fact that some of the vendors you want may not be available on such short notice.

You need to spend ____on your wedding

This number up to you and your honey, and you shouldn’t let anyone else influence it, especially if you’re paying for everything yourselves. If you have family pitching in, obviously it’s ok to accept their budget preferences and you should respect how much they are willing to spend. But if they set an amount and you want to go higher, make up the difference.

If you’re saving for a house and want to keep the budget super low by cutting back and wearing your mom’s dress, then don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. When the day is over, you don’t want to get a sinking feeling about the bills or worry about how you’re going to make rent. Spend what you feel comfortable spending.

Everything will be perfect

If we’re honest, something will go wrong. A delivery will be late, an important guest won’t be able to make it, or a baby will start crying by the camera during I do. With so many moving parts, there are bound to be hitches. The thing that will make your day perfect is how you handle them. Take some time to laugh about them with your new spouse and be sure to look at the bright side…you’re married! No matter what happens during the day, the end result will be the same.

No matter what you spend or what you don’t, your wedding day should be one that speaks to who you are as a couple, not what the rest of the world thinks a wedding should be.

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