Destination Wedding

Are You Destined for A Destination Wedding?

More and more couples are deciding to get married out of state and even out of the country for that matter. Destination weddings are becoming the new normal. The idea of packing your bags, hopping on an airplane, and flying off to some exotic location is becoming increasingly popular among couples. Whether it is up in the mountains or on the Las Vegas Strip, these weddings are the perfect backdrop for the adventure-seeking couple. The idea of getting married on a white, sandy beach on a tropical island or exchanging vows on the steps of a chateau sounds increasingly appealing to many people. You’ll have the opportunity to incorporate local traditions into your ceremony and reception which will create a one-of-a-kind celebration to reflect you and your unique love story. Your guests will also have an opportunity to make their own memories. There is no rule saying where you have to get married or who you have to invite. With amazing locations and often fewer guests, destination weddings can be more relaxing and affordable. What’s not to love about minimizing both stress and the financial price tag?


  1. More intimate. Destination weddings can offer a more intimate feel if there are fewer guests attending. It may not be realistic for 250 of your closest friends and family to attend a wedding in the Maldives, for example, especially if they have work and family commitments or simply cannot afford it. Some couples crave a simple and intimate exchange of vows. Why not have a reception when you return in your hometown to celebrate your recent nuptials?


  1. Honeymoon included. One of the benefits of a destination wedding is that it doubles as a vacation.  Chances are that you and your true love will pick an exciting location with epic backdrops. Gorgeous landscapes and historical architecture will only make your pictures that much more stunning. Maybe you and your partner pick a favorite vacation spot or a location that has always been on your bucket list to visit. Many resorts and hotels offer special honeymoon packages such as couples’ massages or romantic excursions. With a destination wedding, as soon as you say your “I Do’s,” the honeymoon begins. How much fun is that? Maybe you even decide to go somewhere else after the wedding and essentially are getting two honeymoons.


  1. Affordable. Depending on the location you choose and the scale of the wedding you plan, you can probably get more bang for your buck than the traditional wedding.  According to a survey from “The Knot” in 2019, the average destination wedding costs $32,000 versus an average cost of $53,400 for a traditional wedding in New Jersey. In addition, the average guest list for a destination wedding is 30. Using credit card points or miles can also help to save money on destination wedding travel costs.


  1. Fun. Destination weddings are fun! They are basically a vacation with some of your favorite people in the whole world. If there’s limited wedding programming, guests can extend their trip and plan their own vacation at the destination.  After three days of your Paris-themed wedding, they can scoot on down to the French Riviera or explore the various chateaux of the Loire Valley while sipping some red wine and eating a Croque-monsieur.


  1. Quality time with your guests. You’ll have a couple of days of fun celebrating with your guests instead of just one night. Who wouldn’t want to experience a traditional luau in Hawaii or go snorkeling in Bali? Why not provide an amazing experience for your guests loaded with fun activities around every corner?


  1. Easy planning is involved. This may come as quite a shock, but depending on where you go, saying “I do” may be easier than you think.  Most hotels and resorts offer all-inclusive planning where you will be paired with an expert specialist who guides you through the entire planning process. Your specialist will secure your room block and book reservations for you and your guests. They will handle all of the details of everything you can think of that is associated with the word “wedding.” From the cake to the flowers and from the officiant to the marriage license, why not let someone else plan all of the details so you can focus on enjoying yourself and the excitement of your upcoming wedding? They will work with you and the onsite wedding coordinator to ensure your dreams become a reality.


  1. Unique experiences. All weddings allow for creativity, whether it is the venue you’ve chosen, the way you exchange vows, or the traditions you decide not to follow. Let’s face it though, choosing a destination wedding allows for endless possibilities. If you and your partner are craving adventure, getting married in your hometown may not be what you’re looking for. The most obvious reason is being able to get married in a location that is special or memorable to you and your future spouse. For some couples, it may be getting married on the beach in Mexico while for some they may choose to get married just a stone’s throw away from the Eiffel Tower. Whatever destination you choose, your photographer will thank you for it.


  1. Smaller guest list. Most of the time, destination weddings are not in a location where either of the couple’s families reside, so fewer people are often invited. This allows you to be a little more selective with whom you invite. You can tailor your guest list to the people who mean most to you. Couples often know that the extra expense of airfare and hotel stay might deter some guests from attending. Guests are basically going on a vacation versus having a night out.


  1. Have your wedding your way.  Many couples wonder if it is rude to have a destination wedding.  Absolutely not!  Sometimes an at-home wedding is all about what people may expect of you and can quickly turn into something that doesn’t represent you or your love story.  Your wedding day should be about you and the commitment you share with each other. Why not make your special day everything you’ve ever dreamed of and give it an epic backdrop while you’re at it?


Bon Voyage!