If you like to stay on top of trends when it comes to fashion, makeup, and style, you’re probably looking for ways to incorporate many of these elements into your wedding. This year’s Pantone Color of the Year is one trend you’re definitely going to want to use! The 2019 Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral, is a beautiful, eye-popping shade that will help the details of your day really stand out. A great way to capture some summer vibes in a fall wedding, Living Coral will remind you of sunsets, deep sea dives, and tropical settings. While this bold color may be a little much to add everywhere, adding it to small details will add even more joy to your special day.

Here are a few fun ways to add Living Coral to your wedding details.

Your Shoes

These shoes were made for dancing…and a coral shoe will give you the energy you need to celebrate all night. A colorful shoe is a fun way to keep a traditional white dress and still add color to your wedding day ensemble. This orange-golden shade is described as spirited, so what better way to show your spirit than a sassy pair of shoes? This little detail will look great in group pictures and at the altar when you have your first, foot-popping kiss as husband and wife.

Your Bouquet

If you want to make a beaming entrance, you don’t have to just rely on your wedding day smile. A bouquet full of bright blooms is a great way to add a little bit of color to your walk toward your future spouse. Whether it’s poppies in the summer or burnt orange mums in the fall, you can capture the feel of coral all year long. Make the color the main focus, or add tiny coral buds throughout to complement white roses or daisies.

The Stationery

From the invitations and ceremony programs, to the signage letting people know where to sit and when to eat, coral calligraphy can add a fun yet elegant twist to all your wedding stationery. Choose coral writing on a white background to tone the color down, or white writing on a sunset orange background to really embrace the hue and grab the attention of your guests. Use this color for messages that you don’t want your guests to miss–like where to get a special wedding cocktail!

The Decorations

Look for paper lanterns in different shades of coral for a beautiful backdrop behind the bridal table. Or dot your tables with coral napkins to add some playfulness to your place settings. Use hanging pots with an assortment of burnt orange flowers to fill in dull corners and make sure every inch of your space shines.

The Cake

Give your cake a look as sweet as its taste by using a wash of colors in shades of coral. You can line the edges with floral frosting, or use a colorful cake topper to bring attention to this yummy detail. If you’re not sure how to get the colors you want, just ask your baker for suggestions that will make your wedding cake look good enough to, well…eat!

The Dresses

If you have zero interest in a traditional white dress, look for ways to add coral tones to your wedding dress for a unique look that will wow your guests and create a stunning look. If you want a white dress with subtle color, try a coral sash. You could even dye your slip for a peek-a-boo color that will show itself as you twirl and dance your way through your day and evening.

Or let the ladies in the wedding party complement your traditional look with some not-so-traditional color. Select dresses with a coral floral pattern, or simply add coral details to their neutral dresses. Visit The Dress Shop for gorgeous coral-colored bridesmaid dresses that will give your girls the perfect pop of color.

Tip: Add a splash of color to the groomsmen’s boutonnieres for a look that will match your bridesmaids without being too feminine.

Whether you love coral and want it added to every detail of your day, or you want a more subtle splash of color that will add pizazz to your traditional decor, using Pantone’s Color of the Year is a great way to stay trendy while still creating a day that is uniquely you!

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