8 Things Every Bride Should Ask for the Best Bridal Experience

You’ve dreamed about it your whole life: finding your dream wedding dress. Now that the time is finally here, it can be overwhelming to find the right bridal salon for your shopping experience. We have a few things we think you should ask before booking your appointment to ensure that you have the best experience:

1. How long are dresses taking to ship in the bridal industry right now?
As we know, there is a worldwide shipping delay. Across the bridal industry, dresses may take longer than usual to come in. Your bridal salon should be upfront with you about any potential delays you could experience, including how they anticipate that impacting your wedding.

2. How far in advance do you recommend I purchase my dress?
Shipping delays, alterations, shoe shopping, wedding aesthetic planning…so many things are tied to when you say, “yes to the dress”. Your bridal salon should take all of these factors into account when helping you plan a timeline for purchasing your gown.

3. Does my wedding date present any limitations?
If you are shopping close to your wedding date, consider what options the store offers. Are you limited to off-the-rack, or are there in-stock options as well? It’s important to find answers before you start shopping.

4. What is the price range of dresses in your store?
It is important to have a realistic idea of the cost of gowns in the store you are shopping at, but also in the bridal industry as a whole. Going in with a realistic budget is extremely important to find your dream dress.

5. What will my experience be in your store?
Not every bridal experience is the same. Ensure you receive a VIP experience by asking the bridal salon what a typical bridal experience looks like in their store. Pay attention to how they talk about the experience and the brides they’ve hosted to ensure you are booking with a salon where you will get the best possible experience.

6. Can I take photos of myself in dresses in your store?
Not every bridal salon allows you to take photos in their dresses. It is important to ask salons whether you can take photos before booking an appointment.

7. How many people do you recommend I bring with me?
Most salons recommend bringing a small group of your biggest cheerleaders and important decision-makers. But beyond that, how many guests can the salon fit? You’ll want to know these important details before booking your appointment.

8. Do you offer alterations?
Alterations can turn your bridal experience into a fairytale or a nightmare. If a bridal salon offers alterations, they stand behind the quality and experience you will have with your seamstress. If not, it is important to find a seamstress you can trust with your bridal gown.

Let’s make your wedding gown dreams come true. Book an appointment with The Dress Shop to get the BEST experience out there!